Companies reach tentative deal to settle opioids lawsuit

The nation’s three dominant drug distributors and a big drugmaker have reached a tentative deal to settle a lawsuit related to the opioid crisis just as the first federal trial over the crisis was due to begin Monday in Cleveland, according to a lead lawyer for the local governments suing the drug industry.

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COA divided on motion for discharge argument in molestation case

A split Indiana Court of Appeals has affirmed the denial of a man’s motion for discharge of his child molesting and child solicitation counts under Indiana Rule of Criminal Procedure 4(C), with a dissenting judge arguing that because proceedings were not stayed until months after an interlocutory appeal was filed and accepted, the tolling rule doesn’t apply.

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Justices order new drunken driving trial after possible juror bias

A woman convicted on a drunken driving charge will get a new trial after the Indiana Supreme Court unanimously threw out her conviction on Friday. The justices remanded the Marion County case because the trial court did not hold a hearing to determine whether the defendant could have challenged a selected juror who later admitted that a family member had been killed by a drunken driver.


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