Alleged drug ring leader’s trial moved to Evansville

Richard Grundy III and four co-defendants first stood trial July 8 in Indianapolis on federal drug trafficking charges, but a mistrial was declared July 10 after a court order concerning jurors’ personal information was violated. Court documents show Grundy will now stand trial July 29 at the U.S. district court in Evansville.

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Judge in Manafort trial brings short fuse and sharp wit

Lawyers who have appeared before Thomas Selby Ellis III, the judge hearing the Paul Manafort trial, said he likes to be seen as the smartest person in the courtroom, not a huge leap for a judge. With his Princeton-Harvard-Oxford education and experience spanning consequential cases in an era of war and terrorism Ellis is known to cut lawyers down to size, sometimes subtly, sometimes not so much.

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What does Mueller have? Manafort trial offers glimpse

The trial of President Donald Trump’s onetime campaign chairman will open this week with tales of lavish spending, secret shell companies and millions of dollars of Ukrainian money flowing through offshore bank accounts and into the political consultant’s pocket. What’s likely to be missing: answers about whether the Trump campaign coordinated with the Kremlin during the 2016 presidential election, or really any mention of Russia at all.

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