Judge details actions needed to improve Vigo jail

October 11, 2018

A federal judge says officials in Vigo County must take specific steps to improve conditions at the jail in Terre Haute or the court will step in to force changes.

U.S. District Court Chief Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson issued the order Wednesday. The order comes after Vigo County Council approved plans to add three full-time positions at the jail and consider an additional seven positions by early next year.

Along with laying out deadlines for the county to report progress on relieving overcrowding, Magnus-Stinson’s order requires the county to commit sufficient staff to allow prisoners a minimum of three hours a week of recreation outside their cell areas.

Magnus-Stinson last month ruled conditions are unconstitutional at the overcrowded jail. She had required Vigo County to provide a timetable for progress on construction of a new Vigo County jail by Oct. 15 and to report on increasing staffing at the current jail but canceled that deadline. A hearing to report on progress is scheduled for Nov. 13.


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