In historic shift, far fewer teens face adult US courts

Data reported to the FBI each year by thousands of police departments across the country shows the percentage of youths taken into custody who were referred to adult courts has dropped from 8% in 2010 to 2% in 2019. Instead, more teenagers are being sent to juvenile courts or community programs that steer them to counseling, peer mediation and other services aimed at keeping them out of trouble.

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Court Tech developing jail data management system

With the Odyssey Case Management System now operational in all 92 Indiana counties, a new project aimed at better connecting justice partners is underway in Indiana. The new program, dubbed “INjail,” aims to not only make operations more efficient in sharing records — allowing courts and jails to seamlessly communicate with each other — but also to provide vital data to criminal justice stakeholders and lawmakers.

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Clay County officials sued over ‘lack of transparency’ regarding possible jail expansion

A not-for-profit practice representing a coalition of immigrant-rights groups has filed a lawsuit against Clay County officials, alleging the county’s commissioners, county council and sheriff’s office have all failed to provide transparency in developing plans for a possible expansion of the Clay County Justice Center, which houses U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainees.

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