Hopper: Transitions for lawyers, firms could use some encouragement

Who is responsible for law practice succession planning? I suggest that all of us in the Indiana bar have roles to play, especially those of us closer to the end of our legal careers. So far this year, I have met with several senior attorneys who want to develop and implement succession plans for their law practices.

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Law Firm Succession Planning: Key questions develop a strategy

What are your goals for your retirement and law firm succession plan, and how do you plan to achieve them? Do you have any timetable in mind? It can be difficult for some of us to sit down and think about retirement and how we will plan our exit from our practice. But just as in estate planning, we need to face these issues.

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Hopper: Restraining forces in law practice succession planning, Part 2

The thought of mentoring junior attorneys can be a restraining force in itself. Some of you are probably thinking, “Been there, done that!” having invested in a junior attorney (or more than one) who then opened their own practice, joined another practice or wasn’t a good match after all. But even given what seems like a daunting task, it can be done.

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