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JAN. 29-FEB. 11, 2014

A bill seeking to consolidate correctional services in Marion County is drawing concerns from officals around the state worried they may be forced to combine their county's services. The attorney who spent 11 years defending the Indiana State trooper twice convicted of murdering his family discusses David Camm's three trials.
Just a few days after the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals issued its opinion in his case, attorney Brian Paul searched for the website the court had cited and discovered not everything on the Internet is permanent. He had run into link rot.

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Papageorge: Predictive coding gaining support in courts

Attorneys now are faced with the monumental task of collecting, reviewing and producing their own client’s electronic documents while also reviewing the opposing side’s electronic documents. This can lead to uncomfortable conversations with clients regarding the significant cost of the process.

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Law student honored for cross-country golf fundraiser

Luke Bielawski was honored Tuesday at the Indiana Statehouse for his novel fundraising efforts. The Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law student made headlines last year when he hit golf balls across the country to raise money for an Indianapolis high school serving at-risk students.

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DTCI: Discovery of the facts behind settlement documentaries

With increasing frequency, plaintiffs’ attorneys are using settlement “documentary” videos before and during mediation in catastrophic cases. Utilizing the format of a tabloid television news program, these “documentaries” address problematic liability and damages issues in a light that is often unreasonably favorable to the injured party.

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IndyBar: Customize Your IndyBar Communications Experience

Every person is unique in the way that he or she consumes news and information online. Just as one individual loves email updates, another prefers RSS feeds. As part of the IndyBar’s ongoing efforts to increase the amount of relevant, useful content provided to members, several options have been developed to make getting your IndyBar news easy and enjoyable.

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IndyBar: Additional Benefit Added to Plus CLE

The past year saw the introduction of a pilot program to test the viability of bundling CLE with section membership. The pilot program, which was tested with four IndyBar sections, proved overwhelmingly successful, attracting new members and boosting attendance levels at CLE programs.

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The IBF: Your Opportunity to Make An Impact

The IBF truly is your private foundation. By that, I mean the IBF’s annual fundraising goal of over $250,000 is supported almost entirely by attorneys and judges who are members of the IndyBar. With these fundraising efforts, your foundation annually funds the $35,000 Impact Fund grant and supports IndyBar programs and initiatives to the sum of more than $100,000.

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