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JUNE 27-JULY 10, 2018

Governor Eric Holcomb's recent announcement of an extra $25 million for the Department of Child Services is small change compared to prior enhancements of the agency's budget. After the Noblesville school shooting, the possibility of expanding juvenile waiver into adult court is a hot topic. Scores of new laws passed by the General Assembly this year are set to take effect July 1, and we've got your complete list.


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Opinions June 25, 2018

Indiana Court of Appeals
David Earley and Rhonda Earley v. Edward Jones & Co., LP, Edward Jackson, and Adam Jackson

Civil plenary. Affirms the Jackson Superior Court’s stay and order compelling arbitration in the Earleys’ action against Edward D. Jones & Co., LP, Edward Jackson and Adam Jackson. Finds the Earleys failed to present contract defenses to invalidate signed agreements. The court finds that arbitration agreements between the parties are enforceable and subject to the Federal Arbitration Act.

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New laws for 2018

The Indiana General Assembly this year adopted new laws on matters from Sunday carryout sales to designating Say’s Firefly as the official state insect. Here is the complete list of enrolled acts signed into law this year.

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Biberstine: Devoting more money, Indiana leads in making schools safer

The shooting at Noblesville West Middle School brought a national problem to our front door. Many have asked what Indiana is doing to make schools safer. The quick answer is that Indiana has taken some large steps over the past few years and is now in a position of being a national leader for making Indiana school buildings some of the safest in the country for children.

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Townsend: See Purple? Check the property lines and avoid trespassing

Townsend By Andrea Townsend Effective July 1, seeing purple could mean you are about to commit trespass. Passed as part of House Enrolled Act 1233, Indiana’s “Purple Paint Statute” means that a purple paint perimeter serves the same purpose as a “No Trespassing” sign. Before July 1, criminal trespass required notice that no entry is […]

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IndyBar: Indiana Legal Services Awarded $50,000 Impact Fund Grant by Indianapolis Bar Foundation

An eviction is often the first step on the path to homelessness for vulnerable Indianapolis residents, but a new program by Indiana Legal Services seeks to decrease this likelihood by providing legal representation to those facing eviction. This innovative project has been named the recipient of the Indianapolis Bar Foundation’s 2018 Anniversary Impact Fund Grant of $50,000.

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