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JUNE 29-JULY 12, 2016

Ready or not, the era of e-filing begins July 1 for everyone submitting court documents in Hamilton County and in Indiana’s appellate courts. There’s evidence that despite the buildup over recent months, many lawyers and filers may be caught off guard. Also happening July 1, many new Indiana laws take effect. Read the list of new laws here. Prosecutors say that ethical rules will prohibit them from releasing video from police body cameras in ongoing criminal investigations.

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Employers struggle with complicated immigration system

At the third meeting of the Senate Select Committee on Immigration Issues, business professionals and attorneys told committee members the measures Indiana has adopted in recent years have actually hurt the state’s economy and public safety.

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Are old convictions still relevant?

A man who admitted fault and negligence for a Lake County drunken-driving crash is appealing damages of $2 million awarded in the case, claiming the jury was wrongly provided evidence of his prior alcohol-related driving convictions that were 17 and 30 years old.

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Attorneys create for-profit guardianship company

After about a year of thinking and planning, two Indianapolis attorneys launched Scout Guardianship Services Inc. in December 2015. This for-profit business can function as either a guardian, attorney in fact or health care representative for adults who want and have the financial assets to pay for these services.

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Adams: Setting standards for ‘silver tsunami’ preparedness

A popular topic in the media lately is the “silver tsunami” — the huge wave of baby boomers who will leave the workforce in the coming years and become eligible for the senior discount. The legal system needs to prepare today for the influx of issues that will wash ashore.

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Editorial: Modest proposal to state, IBM lawyers: Settle for nothing

Six years have passed since Indiana sued IBM over the failed $1 billion contract for the computer giant to modernize a punch-card-era system for determining welfare eligibility. After the contract was famously canceled, IBM blamed the state, the state blamed IBM, and they’ve been fighting in court since.

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Hammond: Loss of love and companionship: Tough love for minors

The situation: a single mother is killed in a crash leaving behind a young daughter. The defense attorney refuses to consider paying any damages to the young daughter beyond her 18th birthday, including for the loss of love, care and affection of her deceased mother. Can that be right?

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Start Page: Clear your Outlook inbox, clear your mind

Unfortunately, leaving emails unprocessed in your inbox waiting for you drains your energy, causes you to procrastinate, and takes up mental capacity. Thankfully, there’s a better way to deal with email. It’s called getting to “Inbox Zero.”

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Moberly: Take Time to Make Memories

Your law practice will not dissolve if you leave it for a week or two. I’m always happy to see that a lawyer needs a continuance to take a family vacation. You probably won’t have plenty of time and money for a vacation until you’re retired and your kids are too busy with their own lives. So don’t wait.

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IndyBar: Pro Bono in the Fast Lane!

In the mood for meaningful pro bono service without the long-term commitment? Volunteer just a couple hours at Ask a Lawyer on Oct. 11 and you’ll provide guidance that can make a world of difference to our neighbors in need.

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IndyBar: Intellectual Property Section Awards Patent Bar Scholarships

Congratulations to Melissa Haulcomb, a second-year law student at Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law, and to Derek Hamilton, a second-year law student at Indiana University Maurer School of Law! These IndyBar law student members are the recipients of the IndyBar Intellectual Property Section’s 2016 Patent Bar Scholarships.

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