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MARCH 12-25, 2014

Mentors working with students at Indiana Tech Law School in Fort Wayne bring the law to life through a unique program. Attorney Kevin Murray writes about his ancestor’s Civil War sacrifice and retraces the 35th Indiana Volunteer Infantry, also known as the 1st Irish Regiment, in his new book. A copyright infringement dispute between two out of state companies has spurred criminal charges in Warrick County, a place neither company has operations.

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Judge Tinder’s retirement plans leaked

7th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge John Tinder plans to retire from the 7th Circuit bench when he turns 65 next February – news that became public in early March after a clerk applicant shared a letter from Tinder with the legal blog Above the Law, which posted the letter.

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When non-competes don’t fly

Aviation mechanic Joe Guinn lost a job when his former employer sought to enforce a non-compete clause, but he won an appellate ruling that the company may have engaged in tortious interference with his subsequent employer.

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Boulukos: Guiding clients through an executive intervention

When an executive’s substance abuse triggers a personal and professional free fall, colleagues may be slow to recognize that the bottom is coming – and fast. At some point, and hopefully before permanent damage has been done, the fact that the leader has become a liability is impossible to ignore.

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IndyBar: ‘The Best Style “Handbook”’ For Lawyers and Judges (Part I)

Like other Americans, lawyers and judges most remember British novelist and essayist George Orwell (1903-1950) for his two signature books, Animal Farm and 1984. Somewhat less known is his abiding passion about the craft of writing. It was a lifelong passion, fueled (as Christopher Hitchins recently described) by Orwell’s “near visceral feeling for the English language.”

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