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MAY 17-30, 2017

The local chapter of Chiefs in Intellectual Property (ChIPS), launched by three central Indiana women IP attorneys, is the first in the Midwest and will bring in women from a different technology sector than what is present on the East and West coasts. Law firms and attorney are seeing the value in increasing business development efforts to attract new clients. The advent of e-filing has led couriers to alter the services they offer since they no longer need to rush to the courthouse each day.

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Rucker retires after 26 years on appellate bench

Ask a member of the Indiana judiciary to describe former Indiana Supreme Court Justice Robert Rucker, and you’ll get answers such as “empathetic” or “compassionate.” And those who sat on either side of Rucker during his nearly 18 years on the state’s highest bench say the now-retired justice never let his sense of humanity outweigh the rule of law.

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Holcomb’s executive order expected to ‘ban the box’ in state job applications

A bill prohibiting communities from enacting their own ban the box ordinances stirred divisions in the Indiana Legislature with supporters arguing for employers’ rights and opponents citing the need for individuals to have equal opportunities for jobs. However, when Gov. Eric Holcomb announced his intention to sign Senate Enrolled Act 312, he brought some rare unity between the two sides. Along with enacting the new law, the governor also said he would sign an executive order that will essentially ban the box for state agencies.

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Schocke: Tech saves money, attracts talent, keeps employees happy

Although legal research has become more efficient, most attorneys still work in the traditional office while sitting at a desk. However, with tools like widespread broadband access, videoconferencing and file sharing systems, it begs the question as to whether the large office footprints and office settings are truly necessary to achieve success.

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Cunningham: 5 tips to survive a Daubert challenge  

The Daubert standard is one area of the law that concerns attorneys and financial damages experts alike. For a financial expert, no other measure in the federal court system goes to the core of a financial expert’s competence and thoroughness in his or her work product like the Daubert standard. For a trial attorney, a case can often be jeopardized if a Daubert challenge to an expert is successful.

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