Women attorneys who opened doors honored by peers

With jokes and stories of fond memories, Barnes & Thornburg and the Indiana Bar Foundation honored the legacy of Shirley Shideler, the law firm’s first female attorney and female partner, and recognized three women who are creating impressive legacies in the law of their own.

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‘Candid talk’ on women in law

Attorneys Bernadette Catalana and Kelly Odorisi faced jaw-dropping experiences on their paths to success, like being called “cupcake” by a judge, or being told to “act more like a man” when clearly treated differently because of their gender.

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Law firm’s longtime chief gives suitors cold shoulder

Alan Levin has been managing partner of Barnes & Thornburg LLP for 16 years, far longer than the heads of most major Indianapolis law firms. But what most sets him apart is that he’s built his firm into a national practice by taking the maverick approach of going it alone instead of merging with an out-of-state rival.

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Judging the jury

Dennis Stolle is a partner at Barnes & Thornburg LLP, but his skills as a doctor of social psychology are more important in his niche as a jury consultant.

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Legal fight fuels tensions in tight-knit tech world

A trademark-infringement case brought against App Press LLC threatens to smother the tech startup in legal fees before it reaches its potential. And in a curious twist, the case also has generated grumblings in the tightknit developer community toward a big law firm that is representing App Press’ opponent in the federal court case.

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