Barrett joins Supreme Court arguments for the first time

Justice Amy Coney Barrett is expected to join her Supreme Court colleagues on Monday to hear arguments for the first time. Participating in oral arguments will be among the first things Barrett, a former University of Notre Dame law professor, will do after being confirmed last week in a  52-48 virtual party-line vote.

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Legal aid initiative enables those with disabilities

Tangram, a nonprofit in Indianapolis that provides support for individuals with disabilities, joined forces in 2016 with Indiana Legal Services to launch the Providing Legal Assistance to Individuals with Disabilities initiative. PLAID assistance has since improved the lives of hundreds of clients statewide.

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Judge: State’s ‘bureaucratic quagmire’ harms disabled woman

The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration has 21 days to arrange home health care for an elderly woman with quadriplegia who has been confined to a hospital or nursing home since February 2016, a federal judge has ruled. The decision comes after the judge ruled previously that the FSSA’s failure to develop a home-based care plan violated the woman’s rights under three federal laws, including the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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