Justices remand appeal of moot commitment order, clarify precedent on public-interest exception in commitment cases

Despite her involuntary commitment order having long since expired, a woman will be permitted to challenge the order at the Court of Appeals of Indiana after the Indiana Supreme Court issued a decision clarifying its precedent on how appellate courts should review involuntary commitment cases that have become moot. A dissenting justice, however, repeated previous concerns about the majority’s approach to the public-interest mootness exception.

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Pro se attorney gets public reprimand from justices for direct email to opposing party

Describing an Indianapolis lawyer as “his own worst enemy” when it comes to electronic communications, a split Indiana Supreme Court has issued a public reprimand after the lawyer sent a threatening email directly to an opposing party rather than working through another lawyer. A dissenting justice, however, said the rule in question in this issue of first impression does not apply to pro se lawyers like the attorney who was disciplined.

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