Quick: Aim to be leader of the pack in marketing

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett has said the main quality he looks for when considering an investment in a company is “an enduring competitive advantage.” There are a lot of elements that make up a competitive advantage. Very simply put, it’s your point of differentiation between your firm and your competitors.

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Quick: Smart marketing tips to grow a new law firm

In a very crowded field for attorneys, you need to get your story out. Differentiate yourself from all the rest and choose the best media for advertising the new firm. The marketing world has changed, and smart attorneys will take advantage of all the new platforms to deliver your message.

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Quick: Taking the time to tweak and update your law firm brand

Wouldn’t it be great if your law firm brand became synonymous with your practice areas? Let’s assume you already have what you consider a strong brand. We talked to several lawyers who possess strong brands and other experts who agree that even if you have a strong brand, it still must evolve.

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