7th Circuit orders stay of injunction on Indiana abortion laws

An injunction against several provisions of Indiana law that tighten access to abortions was stayed Wednesday by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. A dissenting judge, however, blasted the majority’s position and state laws that “piously purport to protect women’s health” while “chip(ping) away” at longstanding abortion precedent.

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7th Circuit removes East Chicago lead pollution case to federal court

Companies sued by residents who claim their former housing complex in East Chicago was polluted by toxins including lead and arsenic prevailed in their bid to have the case heard in federal rather than state court. In doing so, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals also eased the standard for when a defendant may assert a defense of acting under federal authority.

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Whether armed robber ‘physically restrained’ victims splits 7th Circuit

The question of whether an armed robber can be said to have physically restrained his victims as an enhancement under federal sentencing guidelines split the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday. The ruling also deepened a wide circuit split on the issue, with judges answering the question by employing a classic legal maxim: It depends.

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