SB 1 fanning worries about recruiting: Attorneys concerned abortion ban could make IN unattractive to new hires

Indianapolis attorney William Rosenbaum said he sees a link between the abortion ban being crafted in the Indiana Statehouse and the number of lawyer jobs being filled in Indiana. Rosenbaum’s firm, Rosenbaum Law P.C., is among more than 200 Hoosier businesses that recently signed a letter calling on lawmakers to maintain access to reproductive health.

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Plenty of help-wanted signs as lawyer jobs go unfilled

The January edition of the Lake County Bar Association’s monthly newsletter, The Minute Sheet, showed just how fierce the ongoing war for talent has gotten in the legal profession — 21 help wanted ads had been posted primarily by northwest Indiana law firms looking for attorneys. The extensive classified section in the newsletter reflects the need for more attorneys that law firms around the state and across the country say they have because of an increased workload.

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States look to ‘salary history bans’ to increase pay equity

Using what’s known as “salary history bans,” governments at the state and local level are limiting employers’ ability to consider a candidate’s previous wages when making an employment decision. The breadth of these bans varies by jurisdiction, but the concept remains the same: under a salary history ban, an employer cannot explicitly ask a prospective employee what they earned in a previous job.

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Tough transition: Young lawyers say early struggles lead to attorney growth

A recent survey of young Florida attorneys found that roughly 58 percent say the practice of law has become “less desirable” to them as their years in practice have increased. But facing difficulties doesn’t mean the next generation of Indiana lawyers are preparing to switch careers. Rather, they say the struggles they encountered, though painful at the time, have improved their skills as client advocates.

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Hiring improves for smaller law school Class of 2017

The Class of 2017 graduating from Indiana law schools followed the national trend of being smaller than the previous class and posting better jobs numbers, but the Hoosier graduates moved in the opposite direction by posting a slight increase in unemployment, according new data released from the American Bar Association.

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Raines’ return to Bingham as COO like homecoming

When Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP announced Oct. 17 that C.W. Raines III had been named the firm’s new chief operating officer, his new role was something of a homecoming. Raines previously worked in the firm’s Indianapolis office as an associate from 2004 to 2006, where his practice focused on corporate services including mergers and acquisitions, startups, and lending transactions.

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