AG Hill defends pay hikes for top aides

Some top aides to Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill have seen recent pay hikes of $9,000 or more, but Hill contends they are not rewards for sticking with him as he faces allegations of drunkenly groping four women during a party last year.

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AG Hill using tax dollars for groping legal woes?

The Office of the Indiana Attorney General has paid more than $29,000 for outside legal ethics counsel, and public records indicate thousands of dollars in tax money may have paid for legal services related to the fallout from the sexual misconduct accusations against Attorney General Curtis Hill.

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AG Hill’s attorney discipline case raises new questions

The disciplinary complaint against Hill raises new questions about the disciplinary process itself, including who can preside over the proceedings and what would happen if the state’s chief legal officer loses his law license, even temporarily. But those questions aside, ethics attorneys say Hill’s status as a prominent elected official shouldn’t have any bearing on the nuts and bolts of the discipline process.

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