Supreme Court appears likely to reject Trump immunity claim

The United States Supreme Court on Tuesday appeared likely to reject President Donald Trump’s claim that he is immune from criminal investigation while in office. But the court seemed less clear about exactly how to handle subpoenas from Congress and the Manhattan district attorney for Trump’s tax, bank and financial records.

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Supreme Court to hear clash over Trump tax, bank records

The Supreme Court of the United States on Tuesday will take up President Donald Trump’s bid to keep his tax, bank and financial records private, a major clash over presidential accountability that could affect the  2020 presidential campaign.

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Attorney accused of tax evasion suspended; 2 justices would disbar

A Schererville attorney previously arraigned in federal court on charges of tax evasion and failure to pay federal income taxes has been suspended from the practice of law for three years without automatic reinstatement, the Indiana Supreme Court ordered Tuesday. Some of the justices, however, said they would disbar the attorney.

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