Religious retaliation, accommodation claims to continue against Brownsburg schools

A federal lawsuit alleging Brownsburg schools discriminated against a former teacher who refused to address transgender students by their chosen first names will continue with claims brought under Title VII, though 11 other state and federal constitutional claims against the school district were dismissed. The judge also cautioned both sides against efforts to expand the issues in the case to nonparty students.

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Corydon teacher sentenced to 90 years in child molesting case

A former southern Indiana elementary school teacher who pleaded guilty to child molestation in a deal with prosecutors has been sentenced in 90 years behind bars. Under terms of a plea agreement filed in September in Harrison Superior Court, Corey Faith entered pleas to three counts of child molestation and 33 other counts were dropped.

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7th Circuit affirms ruling for laid off tenured teacher

The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals has struck down the retroactive application of an Indiana law that removed job security protections for tenured teachers, finding the application to teachers who were tenured before the law took effect is a substantial impairment to their constitutional contractual rights.

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