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AUG. 10-23, 2016

The paperless office has been an aspirational goal for many businesses including law firms for years. Advocates point to studies that say going paperless can increase efficiency by 25 to 50 percent and slash a law firm’s budget for paper, printers, printer cartridges and other traditional paperbound office supplies. A $25 million loss of consortium verdict poses tough questions for the Indiana Court of Appeals, which recently heard arguments on the matter. Wearable fitness trackers are adding to the flood of digital evidence in courts.

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7th Circuit denies rehearing in Conour creditor suit

The long road for some victims to recover any of the settlement money former attorney William Conour stole from them may be closer to an end. The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals denied requests to reconsider the court’s decision putting Conour’s victims before a creditor who sued over a defaulted line of credit.

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State won’t appeal order blocking abortion law

A federal judge’s order blocking a divisive and restrictive abortion law signed this year by Gov. Mike Pence will not be appealed, Indiana Lawyer has learned. The decision not to appeal at this time effectively punts a decision on a possible future appeal to new state office-holders to be elected in November.

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