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DEC. 31, 2014-JAN. 13, 2015

Take a look back at the stories that made headlines in Indiana Lawyer in 2014. Opponents of the state's right-to-work law say the court battle may not be over. The artwork commissioned by the ISBA's inaugural Leadership Development Academy class to honor former Chief Justice Randall T. Shepard has "stalled," says one person involved in the project.

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Artwork honoring Shepard has ‘stalled’

A plan by the inaugural class of the Indiana State Bar Association’s Leadership Development Academy to honor retired Indiana Chief Justice Randall Shepard has unraveled, and class members are preparing to consider several options for moving forward, including scrapping the project altogether.

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Right-to-work court battle may not be over

Despite a series of court rulings upholding Indiana’s right-to-work law, unions are not stopping their efforts to have the law overturned. Some opponents are considering petitioning for a review by the Supreme Court of the United States as well as filing another lawsuit in Indiana state court.

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2014 Year in Review

This year could be described as a historic one for Indiana. The state's ban on gay marriage was overturned by the courts, and, for the first time, a woman was chosen as chief justice of the Indiana Supreme Court. In fact, women are leading most of the courts in Indiana. In 2014, we saw changes in the law schools, a new criminal code implemented, and attorneys in trouble with the court and the law. (Remember the attorney who doesn't like to wear socks?)

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Abrams: For the in-house attorneys

I recently led a panel discussion among three in-house attorneys, J. Scott Enright with Emmis Communications, Ann Dee with Duke Realty and Chad Pryor with HighPoint Global. The panel was convened in coordination with a corporate counsel survey conducted by the Indiana Lawyer and co-sponsored by Benesch.

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