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JAN. 16-29, 2013

Federal courts that have squeezed staff as budgets shrank could be forced to furlough employees if Congress fails to avoid mandatory budget cuts that now are slated to take effect in March. Attorney General Greg Zoeller argues that contempt is warranted in a lawsuit involving an East Chicago organization set up to receive casino funds. Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law professor Joel Schumm is recognized for his work in court and the classroom.

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Round 2 for hunting and marriage amendments

Although changing the Indiana Constitution is not easy, attempts to amend are common and the 2013 session of the Indiana General Assembly could see two proposed amendments come to the floor for a second vote. One amendment would protect Hoosiers’ right to hunt while the other would restrict their right to marry.

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Legal fight fuels tensions in tight-knit tech world

A trademark-infringement case brought against App Press LLC threatens to smother the tech startup in legal fees before it reaches its potential. And in a curious twist, the case also has generated grumblings in the tightknit developer community toward a big law firm that is representing App Press’ opponent in the federal court case.

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Badger: Using arbitration clauses to reduce potential liability risk

In the first part of this column, I outlined the advantages and disadvantages of arbitration as an alternative to litigation in court and concluded that neither arbitration nor litigation is preferable in all situations. This second part provides more specific suggestions on when to use arbitration in certain high-risk, “bet-the-company” situations.

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Blomquist: One Column Down, One Amazing Year to Go

Indeed, this is my first column as President of the Indianapolis Bar Association–the first of many I am told–and short of some bad state fair karaoke a few years back, this is the most intimidated I’ve been in a long while, though not by my position as steward of this exceptional organization but by assuming you want to hear my musings along the way.

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