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JULY 10-23, 2019

After a Clark Circuit judge was among those charged with a felony for his involvement in a fight in which he and another judge were shot and wounded, details about what happened in the early morning hours of May 1 began to emerge. The latest public-interest lawsuit against the Indiana Department of Child Services alleges the agency is failing to protect children and inflicting further harm. In what has become a near-annual ritual recently, a federal judge blocked Indiana's latest attempt to restrict access to abortion.

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Judge William Lawrence puts down gavel, calls it a career

Through his nearly 17 years on the federal bench, Judge William T. Lawrence often set aside his work and welcomed into his chambers young attorneys who had arrived seeking his advice, counsel and encouragement. At his recent retirement celebration, his Southern Indiana District Court colleagues said Lawrence was fair, smart and always kind.

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Wood: Papers chased — law students’ plight and how JLAP can help

During my initial campus visits to Indiana law schools, I encountered several students who manifested the stressors of their academic environment in a number of ways. Some had turned to alcohol and other drugs, sometimes resulting in serious consequences such as DUI arrests and academic probation. Others demonstrated noticeable signs and symptoms of mental health conditions, such as anxiety and depression.

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IndyBar: The Least You Can Do Might Be Just Enough

I’ve always been fascinated by the law of unknown consequences. Books have been written and movies have been made about the dominos that fall after some seemingly random act. But most of these stories are negative. We focus less on the positive, perhaps because we hear less about it. Yet I would argue that we have overlooked one of the most important aspects of human existence — the positive impact we can have on others whom we may never see again.

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IndyBar: Coworking Spaces in the Legal Industry

“Lawyer-only” coworking facilities are popping up in bigger cities. Coworking facilities help address confidentiality concerns and other lawyer-specific concerns while saving a small/solo practitioner money by reducing overhead and allowing a la carte pricing, depending on one’s needs.

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DTCI: Settling a lawsuit over the policyholder’s objection

In many instances, a policy-limits demand results in a discussion between defense counsel and the policyholder about the policyholder’s desire to settle the lawsuit to avoid the risk of personal exposure and/or to avoid the emotional stress of litigation. But what if the policyholder does not want to settle the lawsuit? What if the policyholder wants her day in court? What if the policyholder is willing to risk personal exposure? What should defense counsel and the insurance company do if they believe the case should be settled?

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