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JULY 27-AUG. 9. 2016

A small cohort of the Indiana legal community whose excellence in athletics got them to the cusp of the Olympics look back at their training and trials. Ties to a Florida firm burn several Indiana lawyers, including one facing discipline who says he is fighting for his livelihood. Indiana commercial courts are open for business, but only a handful of cases have been filed so far.

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Ties to Florida firm burn Indiana lawyers

Small-town lawyer Justin Wall argues in his discipline case that he’s fighting not just for his career, but for the livelihoods of his Huntington co-workers and the needs of his community after he tried to drum up business with a regretful decision to answer a Craigslist ad four years ago.

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Caseworker vs. DCS

Despite a caseworker’s lawsuit against the Indiana Department of Child Services, her employer says she’s right: There aren’t enough caseworkers to handle the exploding growth in cases of Indiana children and families in crisis. But that’s where the agreement ends.

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Eichholtz: Effects of opioid overdose on third-party custody issues

Opioid and heroin abuse or overdose commonly result in the temporary removal of a child from the custody of her natural parents; prevention of reunification with natural parents; or termination of parental rights. Thus, family law practitioners would be well suited to review the relevant statutes and case law involving custody and third-party custody proceedings, among other things.

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Moberly: Finding Comfort in History

As we scratch our head over the behavior of those we see on the nightly news, we must do our part to maintain the integrity of the law, treat each other with respect and serve as a far more positive example to our colleagues, our clients and our community.

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IndyBar: Meet Caren Chopp

Are you wondering why you should donate to the Indianapolis Bar Foundation? Meet Caren Chopp, and you will understand the importance of the IBF and the funding that it provides.

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