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JUNE 13-26, 2018

Private attorneys in death penalty cases are create dilemmas and taking public defenders and judges into uncharted territory. Are you working hard or hardly working? A survey says half of law firm partners are not sufficiently busy. An IU McKinney professor is launching Smart Arb — an arbitration center for international businesses inspired by the developing World Trade Center-Indianapolis.


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Lawmakers skip assessment of unemployment fund

Despite Indiana’s unemployment rate of 3.2 percent, the General Assembly is still required by law to perform a yearly checkup of the unemployment fund to make sure the nest egg is strong and healthy enough to support Hoosier workers who are laid off. However, at present, no examination has been scheduled.

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South Bend attorney Frank Julian leading ITLA in 2018

It’s not uncommon for South Bend attorney Frank Julian to be involved in an email discussion about an important case or legal issue on a Saturday or Sunday, but it’s not because his work keeps him chained to his desk all weekend. Instead, Julian often finds himself engaged in discussions with fellow members of the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association, the organization he has been tapped to lead in 2018.

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