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JUNE 7-JUNE 20, 2023

Lena Pratt Sanders, the Marion Circuit Court magistrate judge, has continued her family’s legal legacy of three generations of Black attorneys in Indianapolis — and has now started the family’s second generation of judges. Like many Afghanistan refugees who came to the United States in 2021, Ali Noori and his family are waiting to see if their petition for asylum will be approved. As ITLA president — the fourth woman to serve in that role — Emily Guenin-Hodson said one of her main goals for the year is to engage members in discussions about work-life balance and mental health. Read these stories and more in June 7-June 20, 2023 issue of Indiana Lawyer.

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Inbox: Silencing Dr. Bernard

The Indiana Medical Licensing Board was wrong to reprimand Dr. Caitlin Bernard for speaking publicly about the existence of a raped child refugee from Ohio’s abortion ban. The information she provided did not violate patient privacy laws.

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