Marquez: Top 5 tech tips for working remotely

Here are five key tips that will help improve your work-from-home experience. Even if you are starting to return to the office, these tips will remain helpful when the need to work remotely arises, and some will even come in quite handy in the office.

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Marquez: The power of ‘Teams’ gives boost to Office 365

Although Microsoft Teams was initially released more than three years ago, it is “still on the front end of the adoption curve” by users, according to the company’s corporate vice president for Microsoft 365. The ultimate mission is to persuade us to replace the combination of products many currently use for instant messaging, video conferencing, screen sharing, task management and file sharing with a central “Teams” hub.

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Marquez: 10 Windows 10 tricks you’ll fall in love with

As we officially say goodbye to Windows 7 in January 2020, the conversion to Windows 10 may cause a bit of uneasiness to many. Just as when the local supermarket rearranges the aisles, users may feel like they can’t find anything. To combat this apprehension, we have captured 10 of the top features to help ease your transition.

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