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May 11-24, 2011

The Indiana Lawyer continues its in-depth look at the cost of the death penalty. Also read about the recently enacted immigration bill that may put Indiana in the national spotlight, along with diversity initiatives that have been implemented in mid-size law firms to create a more inclusive work environment.

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Diverse legal team brings diverse perspective

Ask if it is important for law firms to comprise a diversified group of lawyers, and the answer will be a resounding “yes.” Mirroring society’s cultural mix, expanding the firm’s thought pool, and improving the ability of clients to identify with their lawyers are all reasons diversity makes good business sense.

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As boomers age, lawyers seeing new trends in estate and health care planning

Born between 1946 and 1964, baby boomers are not like generations that came before them with regard to estate-planning needs. Many of them are living longer and will be working longer – some by choice and others because the value of their retirement accounts has plunged in recent years. As they look toward their future, the boomers’ top concerns are asset protection and paying for long-term care, although each person may have a different approach about how to accomplish those goals.

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Judge David Dreyer: Law is about people, emotion and all

My daughter lives in Oregon but she never calls. But the other night she did text. Of course I did not find it until later, and it simply reported in plain terms the largest historical event of her young adult life. No glee, no joy, just a simple statement about what happened in Pakistan. But I have not been able to stop thinking what made it so important to contact her parents.

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Bill causes concern for civic education

As educators and legal professionals continue their struggle to make civic education a priority for students, the Indiana Legislature has passed a bill that may put more pressure on teachers to focus on test scores rather than overall student development.

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DTCI: Who needs government? Maybe we do!

When I got out of bed this morning, a Tea Party activist on the morning news was decrying government intrusion into our lives and our freedom. He seemed to be saying that our lives would be so much better without government getting in our way and getting in the way of businesses trying to make our lives better through the free market system.

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IBA: The Basics of Education Law for Lawyers

In an increasingly complex world full of legal intricacies and overlapping requirements, the sphere of Education Law has become a jungle filled with a multitude of federal and state laws, regulations, case law decisions, and executive orders. It is a practice area that requires a thorough knowledge of the law for both those representing schools and parents.

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IBA: Pro Bono Committee Seeks New Members

Andrew Campbell, Chair of IndyBar’s Pro Bono Standing Committee and an associate at Baker & Daniels, has announced that vacancies currently exist on the committee. Due to job transfers outside the city three vacancies have recently been created.

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IBA Frontlines – 5/11/11

Bingham McHale LLP was recently honored with the WFYI Community Involvement Award, which was presented to the firm at a recent volunteer appreciation luncheon hosted by WFYI.

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