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MAY 2-16, 2018

Seeing few alternatives in fighting the ongoing opioid epidemic, dozens of Indiana towns, cities and counties have sued drugmakers and distributors. Larry Landis, the longtime advocate for public defenders in Indiana, plans to retire in July. Changes inside and outside of the Indiana Tax Court have led to a marked decrease in case filings.

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Landis, longtime head of Public Defender Council, to retire in July

Despite working on Indiana public defense reforms for 41 years, there are still goals Larry Landis wishes he could have accomplished before his impending retirement from the Indiana Public Defender Council. In a perfect world, Landis said his career would have led to more judicial sentencing discretion, a greater focus on mental health treatment, and a justice system that values restoration over punishment.

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Hiring improves for smaller law school Class of 2017

The Class of 2017 graduating from Indiana law schools followed the national trend of being smaller than the previous class and posting better jobs numbers, but the Hoosier graduates moved in the opposite direction by posting a slight increase in unemployment, according new data released from the American Bar Association.

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Paternity court pro bono ADR program helps clients find own solutions

Two times a year, the Alternative Dispute Resolution section of the Indianapolis Bar Association organizes a Paternity Court Mediation Day where volunteer attorneys try to help fighting parents reach an agreement about the care of their children. The cases are selected by the court and deal with issues that arise after paternity has been established — custody, parenting time and child support.

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Hays & Lee: Prepare to break through mediation impasses

A primary reason for an unsuccessful mediation is when an impasse occurs and parties are unwilling to compromise further to reach resolution. Lawyers representing clients in mediation should see it coming and try to avoid it if they really want to settle their case. Avoiding an impasse should not only be the duty of the mediator, but of participating counsel.

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Stafford: In all seriousness, 2018 Leadership in Law class sets high bar

I’ve gotten to know Indiana Lawyer’s 2018 Leadership in Law honorees a bit in the past few weeks. What I’ve learned is, in addition to being collectively capable of handling just about any legal matter imaginable, our Distinguished Barristers and Up and Coming Lawyers also demonstrate the spirit, dedication, humanity and drive to make their profession and their communities better.

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Hopper: Restraining forces in law practice succession planning, Part 2

The thought of mentoring junior attorneys can be a restraining force in itself. Some of you are probably thinking, “Been there, done that!” having invested in a junior attorney (or more than one) who then opened their own practice, joined another practice or wasn’t a good match after all. But even given what seems like a daunting task, it can be done.

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DTCI: Indemnity under the Fair Housing Amendments Act

Although the construction industry has long sought to allocate the risk of liability for Fair Housing Amendments Act claims to the parties best suited to minimize that risk, recent court decisions construing the FHAA call into question the enforceability of such provisions.

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