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MAY 4-17, 2016

Local providers are concerned about billing practices of some national companies in which the companies give the lawyers who hire them a discount and making up for the loss by charging the opposing lawyer a much higher rate. An Indianapolis attorney turned his midlife "crisis" into a "dream" by recording a studio album with a little help from his friends. In Justice Brent Dickson's last oral argument, the Indiana Supreme Court weighs to the duty of care for house party hosts.

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Justices weigh duty of care for house party hosts

Indiana Supreme Court Justice Steven David posed a graphic hypothetical to an attorney defending a liability suit against a homeowner who hosted a party where a guest died after a fight. David’s scenario encapsulated the justices’ apparent concern over a trial court’s grant of summary judgment in the homeowner’s favor.

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Undocumented immigrant issues left unanswered

A recent Indiana Court of Appeals decision didn’t provide the guidance one attorney had hoped from the court regarding injured undocumented workers. But the judges did decide that the worker’s immigration status is important in his lawsuit.

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Bluebook: Here to stay, but lawyers don’t have to like it

A valuable way to standardize citations and make court cases and sources easier to find, or “560 pages of rubbish” as 7th Circuit Judge Richard Posner said in a recent article for the Green Bag? That’s been the debate over The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation for several years.

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