Ruesch: Insurance industry responses to 2020 and future trends

As the workforce continues to adapt to and accept this “new normal,” the insurance industry is also adjusting and evolving and introducing new methods of doing business that will impact in-house and outside practitioners alike. Here are some 2021 industry trends that we will likely see.

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Evolving law addresses coverage after hack

In what one justice described as an “emerging area of law,” the Indiana Supreme Court recently issued an opinion that insurance lawyers say provides, for the first time, concrete guidance in Indiana on how far computer fraud insurance can extend against hacks.

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IndyBar: Professional and Technical Civility in Electronic Discovery — Five Tips on How to Avoid a “Discovery War”

Electronic discovery — like discovery generally — can bring out the best and the worst in lawyers, potentially turning any discovery dispute into a full-blown “discovery war.” But it doesn’t have to be this way! It’s possible to navigate the process in an amicable manner without losing sight of your client’s needs. Here are five suggestions for promoting professional and technical civility in the e-discovery process.

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