Internet of things in manufacturing creates new data, cybersecurity questions

These are the days of manufacturing 4.0, the name of the fourth industrial revolution marked by connectivity among the devices that keep a factory running. In an “internet of things” world, the industrial internet of things allows plant machinery and products to talk to each other and provide real-time data and updates on how the equipment is operating and how the products are functioning out in the market, creating new challenges for lawyers.

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AG Hill files suit against Equifax for 2017 data breach

The Office of the Indiana Attorney General is suing one of the world’s largest credit agencies after a 2017 cyberattack breached the personal information of millions of Hoosiers. The lawsuit against Equifax seeks civil penalties, consumer restitution, costs and injunctive relief following the massive data breach that compromised the personal information of nearly 148 million Americans and nearly 4 million Hoosiers.

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Anthem to pay record settlement after 2015 data breach

The nation's second-largest health insurer has agreed to pay the government a record $16 million to settle potential privacy violations in the biggest known health care hack in U.S. history, officials said Monday. The personal information of nearly 79 million people was exposed in the cyberattack, discovered by Anthem Inc. in 2015.

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Anthem data breach judge OKs huge fee award, but not as much as attorneys wanted

A federal judge late last week awarded plaintiffs’ lawyers $31.05 million in legal feels in the Anthem Inc. data breach case, ending a months-long dispute over how much they deserved for striking the $115 million settlement last year. The fees were less than the $38 million the attorneys originally had requested.

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Prosecutors: Russian hackers exploited US cyber vulnerability

To steal politically sensitive information, prosecutors say Russian hackers exploited some of the United States’ own computer infrastructure against it, using servers they leased in Arizona and Illinois. The details were included in an indictment released Friday by special counsel Robert Mueller, who accused the GRU, Russia’s military intelligence agency, of taking part in a wide-ranging conspiracy to interfere in the 2016 presidential election.

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Babione: Manage employees’ use of “shadow IT” apps at work

In-house and outside counsel face many challenges managing company data. One significant challenge is employee use of software applications which are not part of the employer’s official information technology infrastructure. The use of technology outside the official IT structure (often called “shadow IT”) raises a variety of problems and potential costs for in-house counsel and others who deal with the organization’s data, such as outside litigation counsel.

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