In contamination case, 7th Circuit cleans up messy preclusion fight

Even though none of the businesses disagreed over who contaminated a manufacturing site, the question of who should pay for the cleanup became a fight over claim preclusion that ended with the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals offering instructions on how the lawsuit should have been defended.

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Reversal: USDA farm wetlands ruling arbitrary and capricious

A Hancock County farm family denied U.S. Department of Agriculture benefits since the removal of nine trees from their farm in the 1990s prevailed in litigation against the agency. The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals entered judgment for the family, finding USDA’s rulings in the case arbitrary and capricious.

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Logging injunction near Lake Monroe splits Court of Appeals

A trial court’s injunction halting logging on land on Lake Monroe south of Bloomington was reversed Monday by a split panel of the Indiana Court of Appeals. A dissenting judge, however, would have upheld the injunction and called the majority’s recommendation that the case be referred for mediation “imprudent.”

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