Hartz: Don’t let intellectual property be an after-pandemic thought

Whether next month, next year, or even beyond, at some point, the COVID-19 pandemic will begin to end. The world may look and feel a bit different, but the intangible intellectual property system will still be here, and we can take steps now to better position you (or your clients) for what comes next.

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Hiler: Conducting patent due diligence in corporate acquisitions

A company considering acquiring a target company having patent assets should evaluate such patent assets by having its lawyer gather information, verify facts, and assess risks associated with acquisition of the target company. This patent due diligence is performed by the lawyer to advise their client regarding issues impacting the potential acquisition, including, for example, acquisition price and structure.

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Law schools help draw blueprints to migrating courts online

Examining a witness online made Sarah Kelly a little disconcerted. The Indiana University Maurer School of Law student was part of the patent trial class that spends an entire semester preparing a patent case then culminates in a mock trial. Typically the pseudo litigation takes place in a courtroom before a jury and real judge, but this year the COVID-19 emergency pushed the courtroom battle online.

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