• Despite tech, court reporters say they’re here to stay

    Even as digital recording is grows, charged sentiment surrounds the use of artificial intelligence in court reporting, industry experts say. According to some, there’s a middle ground to be found: embracing technology to increase efficiency while also relying on humans for nuance.

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Scrap dealer’s request to dismiss Hammond bridge theft charge denied

A federal judge has denied a northwestern Indiana scrap metal dealer’s request to dismiss charges for allegedly demolishing a historic Hammond railroad bridge and selling the metal for $18,000. Kenneth Morrison argued the grand jury didn’t get an accurate picture of whether the city of Hammond or the railroad company owned the Monon Bridge, but Judge Philip Simon said prosecutors only have to prove Morrison had no claim to the scrap metal.

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Former Schererville judge sentenced

A former judge in Lake County received a 15-month federal prison sentence on Thursday, four years after being indicted for
extortion and fraud, and two years after she pleaded guilty to getting kickbacks from more than 1,000 defendants that she'd
sentenced to driving school and counseling classes she secretly owned and personally profited from.

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