• Taking a stand for lemonade

    A bill in the 2021 Indiana General Assembly would make clear that lemonade stands are legal in the Hoosier state, thanks to two LaPorte boys who wanted to tackle an issue near to their hearts.

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SCOTUS to stick with arguments via telephone for now

The Supreme Court said Wednesday it will start its new term next month the way it ended the last one, with arguments by telephone because of the coronavirus pandemic and live audio available to the public. The latter decision came at least in part at the urging of teachers from Chief Justice John Roberts’ Indiana high school.

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Court reverses hotel’s cybersquatting conviction

A dispute over who could use the designation “Visit Michigan City LaPorte” led to a legal battle between LaPorte County’s visitors bureau and an area hotel-resort, with the trial court ruling in favor of the visitors bureau. But the Indiana Court of Appeals reversed Monday, ruling the bureau didn’t prove it held a valid and protectable trademark.

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