Governors diverge on gun control, school security efforts

As the U.S. mourns the victims of its latest mass shooting — 19 elementary school students and two teachers gunned down in Texas — Democratic governors are amplifying their calls for greater restrictions on guns. Many Republican governors are emphasizing a different solution: more security at schools.


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Is Marion County’s tradition of slating candidates nearing its end?

For years, endorsements by Marion County’s political parties significantly reduced the chances of a hotly contested primary for each party’s nomination. But not so much these days. The change is particularly noticeable among county Democrats running for county clerk, county recorder and a state senate seat in the May 3 primary election.

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Thinking small: Biden scrounges for ways to break through

With his sweeping domestic agenda on hold and images of horror in Ukraine dominating headlines, President Joe Biden is scrounging for ways to demonstrate that he’s still making progress for Americans at a time when many feel the country is heading in the wrong direction.

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