Trial court rules abortion ban violates state constitution

The ruling that blocked Indiana’s new abortion law brought a mix of reactions, the reopening of abortion clinics, a pledge to appeal and an indication that the fight over reproductive rights could be long and messy. In a Sept. 22 order, Special Judge Kelsey Hanlon enjoined enforcement of Senate Enrolled Act 1, finding the state’s […]

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RFRA defense fails to stop child abuse prosecution

A Lawrence County man tried to defend himself against child abuse charges by asserting his right to religious freedom, but the Court of Appeals of Indiana found the state’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act did not apply in his case because the prosecution demonstrated it had chosen the least restrictive means to advance the state’s compelling interest in protecting children.

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LGBTQ rights bill ignites debate over religious liberty

A sweeping bill that would extend federal civil rights protections to LGBTQ people is a top priority of President Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress. Yet as the Equality Act heads to the Senate after winning House approval, its prospects seem bleak — to a large extent because of opposition from conservative religious leaders.

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