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JAN. 30-FEB. 12, 2013

Jury consultants rely on psychology and life experiences to assess juror favorability. Two northern Indiana judges have helped build the state's mock trial tradition. The debate over Medicaid expansion is heating up in the General Assembly.

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Northern Indiana judges help create state’s mock trial tradition

Standing between two judges offering different opinions on how to proceed is not a place many attorneys would want to be. However, a group of students at Adams High School in South Bend often found themselves with opposing pieces of advice from the jurists. Two sets of instructions, two judges and no chance for a recess.

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Lake County leadership makes strides

Michael Jasaitis gives his family effusive praise for instilling the values that propelled him to the presidency of the Lake County Bar Association. But competitive collegiate Nintendo also might have helped.

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Judging the jury

Dennis Stolle is a partner at Barnes & Thornburg LLP, but his skills as a doctor of social psychology are more important in his niche as a jury consultant.

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BGBC: Understand how the new tax law affects you

On Jan. 2, 2013, President Barack Obama signed into law the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012. We’ve compiled some key takeaways from the Act so you have a better understanding of how it affects your clients and you

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Bar Crawl 1/30/13

See who has been selected as officers and board members for the Marion County Bar Association, Indianapolis Bar Association and Indianapolis Bar Foundation.

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Blomquist: The IndyBar’s Attorney Apprentice Program

You have no doubt heard or read about it before—times are a changing and there is a lot of dialogue out there right now about the face of legal education in America, the uncertain economics of the practice of law, and how one affects the other.

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