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JULY 6-19, 2012

Pilot projects will introduce video transcripts in three Indiana trial courts courts as well as appellate e-filing and expedited transcripts. Attorneys find camaraderie and fun in a softball league.

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Lucas: Consider where you stand in the national debate

Last week was a difficult one for those covering the news to avoid taking sides. The constitutionality of several very important issues – including the Arizona immigration law and the Affordable Care Act – were ruled on by the Supreme Court of the United States.

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Adams: Relief for immigrant ‘Dreamers’ soon to be a reality

Just minutes before attending my first session of the second day of the American Immigration Lawyers Association annual conference in Nashville, Tenn., I began to receive a flood of emails and tweets on my phone about an announcement which would completely change the lives of an estimated 1.4 million immigrant youth, commonly called “Dreamers,” across the country and between 21,000 and 29,000 immigrant youth in Indiana.

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Indiana Court Decisions – June 14 – 27, 2012

7th Circuit Court of Appeals June 18 Civil –Sherman Act/NCAA Joseph Agnew, et al. v. NCAA 11-3066 The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a District Court’s dismissal of a lawsuit two former college athletes brought against the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The men, Joseph Agnew and Patrick Courtney, both received one-year scholarships to play […]

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DTCI: Note from the defense – Stop the ‘unnecessary roughness’

While I am sure this writing could be deemed just another one that promotes civility, and while I am sure that there is a long list of ethical rules that promote that, too, I cite none here. I simply say this: Stop the (to use a football phrase) “unnecessary roughness.” I am hereby throwing a “flag on the play.”

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Chinn: 19th Annual Bench Bar: On The Merits

The Indianapolis Bar Association (“IndyBar”), by counsel, respectfully submits this appeal to its members and the Indiana legal community to recognize the success of the 19th Annual IndyBar Bench-Bar Conference (“IBA Bench Bar”) and to continue to support it in the future.

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IBA: Online Protective Orders

In the past, victims of domestic violence might find themselves standing in line at the clerk’s office waiting to file a petition, and in the midst of all the other public business happening there, would then have to explain intimate details about the situation to get the petition completed. This changed when Indiana launched its online system to petition for protection orders.

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IBA: Simplify Your Practice with Forms and Resources

The sharing of information and resources is one of the greatest benefits of an association. During the course of its more than 125 year history, the Indianapolis Bar Association has developed a number of resources to assist in the practice online, on disk, or in hard copy.

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IBA: Did You Know

IndyBar participates in each Naturalization Ceremony held by the U.S. District Court in Indianapolis? Volunteer to represent the bar and your country by contacting Caren Chopp at [email protected].

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IBA: Antoinette Dakin Leach Award Nominations Sought

The Antoinette Dakin Leach Award, which recognizes the accomplishments of female attorneys in central Indiana, is presented by the Indianapolis Bar Association’s Women & the Law Division in honor of Antoinette Dakin Leach, one of the first women admitted to the Indiana Bar.

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