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JUNE 15-28, 2016

Lawyers who practice before Indiana’s Tax Court see big problems as the median time for cases to be decided increased from about one year to almost 2.6 years since 2011. The Indiana Supreme Court will decide whether records of civil forfeiture can be expunged. The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana is considering a proposed rule change that would mandate attorneys provide pro bono representation.

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Indiana fights discrimination ruling against trial court

A federal court ruling that a Marion County court discriminated against a deaf man who was denied an interpreter for his court-ordered mediation is being appealed by the state, which argues he lacked standing to bring the suit under the Americans with Disabilities Act and state courts should be immune from such judgments.

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IndyBar: Stock the Schools and Help Local Kids

Bring your lightly-used or no longer needed office supplies like folders, notepads, pens, art supplies and more to Monument Circle on July 20 and you’ll not only clear out your own clutter—you’ll help teachers working hard to educate our local schoolchildren.

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