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NOV. 19-DEC. 2, 2014

As courts around the state conducted special events to celebrate National Adoption Month, the Indiana Supreme Court grappled with a case that poses at least two issues of first impression, including whether an adoption agencies face negligence claims when a child mistakenly has been placed with an adopting family? Three Indiana legal scholars join a brief arguing that the case of a fisherman facing charges he violated Sarbanes-Oxley highlights the issue of overcriminalization. An in-house attorney in Indianapolis has turned his pastime into an album of children's music.

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Preparing for Ebola

The first Ebola cases in the United States caused panic that Indiana legal and medical experts say has receded somewhat as public health systems contained the virus and educated people about the risks of the disease and the perils of overreacting.

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DTCI: Is technology killing the work-life balance?

I will admit that when I first started practicing law, there were no BlackBerry phones, iPhones or tablets allowing one to access email at any time of the day, anywhere in the world. I also could not access the system in our office while at home or some other remote location. Now that all of these options are available to us, I can’t help but wonder is technology killing the ability to balance work with life?

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Dean’s Desk: Truly integrated experiential education

Legal education has lost its way. While many law schools seek to update and modernize their approach through the adoption of some required skills instruction and the addition of clinical experiences for more of their students, a significantly more aggressive approach is necessary to reform legal education fully and prepare law students to enter the practice of law today.

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Bell: 3 things to know when leaving a law firm

According to the all-reliable Internet, the economy is improving. That may mean lawyers will soon be moving from their secure jobs to (possibly perceived) greener pastures. The act of leaving a law firm implicates several Rules of Professional Conduct that both law firm management and departing attorneys should be aware of. Here are three things to know about leaving a law firm.

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IndyBar: It’s Dues Renewal Time!

Renew your membership in the only local organization singularly committed to the Indianapolis legal community and its practitioners. Bolstered by more than 5,000 members, the Indianapolis Bar Association and its leaders work tirelessly to provide resources, programming and initiatives to make your career more successful, more efficient, and more satisfying.

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