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NOV. 24 – DEC. 7, 2010

Read how financial planners and probate-focused attorneys are confused by the federal estate tax. See what Indiana University Maurer School of Law professor and former nominee for the Office of Legal Counsel Dawn Johnsen had to say about the nomination process. Learn more about what happened during this year's Organization Day.

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Programs target older foster youth

For foster youth who are about to age out of the system or have already done so, there often is no support system. That decreases one’s chance of getting a good education and increases the likelihood that the former foster youth will end up homeless or become involved in illegal activity and be arrested after aging out.

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DTCI: Medical Negligence vs. Premises Liability

When a patient is harmed during a medical procedure, a patient may elect to file a medical negligence claim against his physician and the health care facility in which the procedure occurred. However, when a patient is harmed during a hospitalization, should the claim still be pursued as one of medical negligence or is it more appropriately a premises liability claim?

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Judicial candidates lose elections

Two judicial candidates who’d faced Indiana Election Commission challenges earlier this year about their names even appearing on the ballot made it to the general election, but ended up losing the races and not getting to the bench in Lake and Allen counties.

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