• Saying goodbye: Baker to retire after more than 40 years as a judge

    It wasn’t quite the retirement he expected. With COVID-19 forcing most of the population to work from home, Court of Appeals Judge John Baker quietly visited the Indiana Statehouse in early June to pack up his chambers. Though he won’t officially retire until July 31, he decided to close out his Indianapolis office early, without the usual pomp and circumstance of a sendoff. “I wanted to work from home,” Baker said with a laugh, “but I didn’t mean for everyone else in the world to have to do it.”

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  • Web Exclusive: ‘Low bono’ clinic seeks to fill access-to-justice gap

    Growing up in a five-person home, Bloomington attorney Jamie Sutton’s family had an on-again, off-again relationship with welfare and social assistance programs. His firm, Justice Unlocked, offers “low-bono” services — representation on a sliding fee scale that low- to middle-income individuals who earn too much to qualify for pro bono services can afford.

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Towed car lawsuit crashes into emergency exception

A driver who wheeled into an empty parking lot on a Saturday afternoon in Bloomington only to return an hour later and find his ride had been towed won the sympathy of the Indiana Court of Appeals, but his argument that his car was taken in violation of state statutes failed to gain any traction.

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