Birch Bayh memorial set for May 1 at Statehouse

A memorial service to honor former United States Senator Birch Bayh will take place at noon May 1 at the Indiana Statehouse. Bayh, who represented the Hoosier state in Washington from 1963-1981 after becoming the youngest-ever Indiana House speaker in 1954, died last month at age 91.

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Statewide e-filing hitting the homestretch

The advent of electronic filing has changed the way Hoosier attorneys do business. Tasks that once required lawyers and their staffs to sift through Bankers Boxes and drive to courthouses can now be completed with just a few keystrokes. As of the end of 2018, 85 of Indiana’s 92 counties had implemented voluntary e-filing, with many of those counties now requiring attorneys to file at least some documents electronically.

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Lake Circuit asbestos abatement may alter proceedings

The main courtroom for Lake Circuit Court in Crown Point began a four-month asbestos abatement Monday that may change the location of some court dates, Circuit Judge Marissa McDermott announced in a letter to the bar. The courtroom — Room B-203 — will be under construction, which may affect the proceedings of the Lake Circuit and probate courts

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Minority-owned firms vie to build Indianapolis justice center

Building Indianapolis’ massive criminal justice center will be a bonanza for the companies that land the work — and minority-owned firms are angling to ensure they are among the beneficiaries. If the city meets its goals, that would mean $154 million would go to minority-owned firms — 27 percent of the $571 million project.

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Immigration protest’s human chain blocks traffic

A faith-based group critical of Indiana Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly's and Republican Sen. Todd Young's stances on immigration literally took to the streets Tuesday, blocking traffic in front of the federal courthouse in Indianapolis and near both senators' downtown offices.

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