In 1st impression case, COA says officers must explain training to get warrants based on drug odors

The Indiana Court of Appeals has reversed the denial of a motion to suppress drug-related evidence found during a search of a Greene County man’s home. The appellate court ruled on an issue of first impression that probable cause for a search warrant cannot be based only on an officer’s detection of the smell of marijuana without additional information about the officer’s training.

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Ex-deputy prosecutor who retaliated against detective suspended

A former Knox County chief deputy prosecutor has been suspended from the practice of law for abusing his prosecutorial authority as part of a retaliation campaign against a detective who discovered his sexual relationship with a criminal defendant. The elected Knox County prosecutor also faces a related disciplinary case, according to the Indiana Supreme Court.

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Indiana Court Decisions — March 15-28, 2018

7th Circuit Court of Appeals March 21 Civil Plenary — Establishment Clause Freedom From Religion Foundation v. Concord Community Schools 17-1591, 17-1683 An Elkhart high school’s traditional “Christmas Spectacular” production that was canceled by a northern Indiana federal court because of its overt religiosity, then passed muster when Christian elements no longer took a leading […]

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