• Protests turn to rage

    Peaceful protests in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd on the last weekend in May in downtown Indianapolis turned violent with police launching tear gas and protesters vandalizing and destroying businesses. Windows were shattered, stores were looted, fires were set and graffiti was spray-painted everywhere. Protests took place across the state including in Evansville, Jeffersonville Fort Wayne, Hammond, Michigan City, South Bend, and Lafayette.

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Law firms keep focus on clients as changes continue

While predictions early in the pandemic of law firms closing and lawyers standing in unemployment lines have been replaced by a budding confidence, the global public health crisis did remind the legal profession that a central tenet of their job remained unchanged: They must stay focused on the needs of their clients.

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Jeffersonville library showcases jail inmates’ ‘Art of Recovery’

For Angela Jackson, a woman incarcerated in the Clark County Jail on drug charges, creating art is a form of meditation that stills her mind. She’s one of about 15 people from the jail with art on display at the Jeffersonville Township Public Library through the end of the month in a series titled “Unchained: Art of Recovery from the Clark County Jail.”

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