Former Indiana AG Hill seen as frontrunner among candidates to replace Walorski in Congress

A former state representative who resigned her seat weeks after being reelected, a current state representative who lost in the May 2022 primary and a former Indiana attorney general who was suspended from the practice of law for one month over allegations of sexual misconduct are among those who have filed so far to run as the Republican candidate for Indiana’s 2nd Congressional District.

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Split 7th Circuit allows RV worker’s age discrimination claim to continue

A former Forest River employee will get a second chance to make his claim that the recreational vehicle maker constructively discharged him by refusing to address age-based harassment after a split 7th Circuit Court of Appeals revived the case and sent it back to the Northern Indiana District Court. However, one judge dissented, asserting, “there was not enough ‘constructive’ in the plaintiff’s constructive discharge claim.”

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7th Circuit upholds search warrant that contained false information

The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with the Northern Indiana District Court that a federal agent’s explanations were plausible and he was “at worst, negligent…” when he obtained a search warrant by telling a magistrate judge a controlled delivery of drugs would be made and then told the magistrate judge the illegal drugs had been recovered even though no drugs had ever been delivered or retrieved.

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