Last Indiana county open for voluntary e-filing

Electronic filing is available in each of Indiana’s 92 counties now that Sullivan County rolled out voluntary e-filing this month. Sullivan Circuit and Superior Courts were the last to make the e-filing transition across Indiana’s 92 counties, implementing voluntary e-filing Friday and concluding the statewide rollout in county courts.

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Lake County last to adopt e-filing in 2018

Lake County has officially adopted electronic filing, making it the last county that will roll out e-filing this year. That leaves seven counties left to implement e-filing, three of which have yet to deploy the Odyssey electronic case management system. 

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Divided COA reverses, remands paternity dispute

A Pike County paternity case involving a child’s legal and biological fathers will continue in trial court after the Indiana Court of Appeals determined the legal father was not entitled to judgment as a matter of law on the biological father’s paternity action.

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