Wilson: When talking aloud to yourself makes sense

It seems people like to complain about Apple Siri’s technology. Most of the time, the complaints seem to be about Siri not recognizing voice commands or accurately converting voice to text. Siri is one of those tools that has a lot of promise. While it has not exactly lived up to the hype, there are some features that are useful. It continues to get better. Here are some thoughts on how you can get more out of Siri and “voice to task” technology.

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Apps cost too much? Court allows suit adding to Apple’s woes

Consumers can pursue a lawsuit complaining that iPhone apps cost too much, the Supreme Court ruled Monday, adding to Apple’s woes that already include falling iPhone sales and a European investigation. The lawsuit could have major implications for the tech giant’s handling of the more than 2 million apps in Apple’s App Store, where users get much of the software for their smartphones.

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